Santa Barbara YUKO Japanese Hair Straightening

What is YUKO Hair Straightening?

YUKO Hair Straightening gives you shiny, straight, low maintenance hair that you've always wanted. No matter how curly or frizzy your hair is, YUKO will give you the hair you've always dreamed of. Many people are getting Brazilian Keratin hair treatments. These treatments only last about two months and YUKO lasts until you have new growth. Most clients get their regrowth touched up every eight to nine months. YUKO Japanese Hair Straightening is the most effective, manageable permanent hair straightening available.

Santa Barbara YUKO Hair Straightening

Mimi Anderson, owner of Luce Salon, offers YUKO hair straightening services. Mimi is one of few Santa Barbara Japanese hair straightening stylists. Please call 805-680-0553 for a free YUKO consultation. Pricing starts at $350.

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